When it comes to manifesting successfully & making a positive impact in the world,


…except… when it’s diluted or blocked!

Is the vibration, that you know you need for manifesting your dreams, being diluted with everyday kinds of distractions – despite your best intentions to keep it a strong match to all the good you desire?

Do you struggle with internal barriers that block you from getting where you want to be or stop you from receiving what lights you up?

Has your vibrational state been negatively impacting you & your world around you?

If any of this describes your experience – you’re not alone. I know what it’s like. It’s certainly been my story too.
I know how it feels to know you have a resource so amazing as your vibrational manifesting superpower – that together with the Law of Attraction means you have the ability to radically transform your life and beyond – but then to have it be frustratingly diluted, jammed and stopped from being able to do so!!!
But I also know it doesn’t end here!

It is totally possible to transform your greatest asset – your vibration – and reset it to being the open, clear and unstoppable attraction superpower and positive impact in the world – that it was always meant to be!

Hi – I’m Grace Heart.

I am a ‘Vibrational Breakthrough’ Life Coach.

I help people to break through barriers that sabotage their vibration, so they can fully align to their authentic path, and manifest all that lights up their soul – unstoppably!

I would LOVE to support you too, with all that is involved with your manifesting journey!

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What would it mean for you to have a strong consistently positive vibration that organically attracts all the good you desire & more?

What if you were able to now freely move beyond those limiting barriers & finally grasp hold of all that lights you up?

How would it feel to be positively impacting your overall wellbeing & those around you …& beyond?


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When you have your breakthrough and the inner struggle stops and you're attracting superpowers have unjammed the manifesting fun begins!!

‘Coz at the end of the day – it’s all about your vibration and its ripple effect isn’t it?!

Welcome to Heart Smiles – feel free to explore this site and to connect with me if you would like to know more.

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