Reparenting the Inner Child - Laying a Fresh Foundation that WILL Support Your Dreams

With Life coach, 

Grace Heart

Is there a part of you that sabotages your dreams??

If you’ve built castles in the air your work need not be lost – that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.

Perhaps your dream is for a

soul-mate ‘castle’ or a

business success ‘castle’ or a

thriving wealth or health ‘castle’…

Dream castles MUST have something substantial to anchor into – or they will forever stay out of reach.

Without there being a SOUND foundation to help it stand firmly in place – dreams will quickly crumble.

A strong relationship ‘castle’ cannot hold itself well on a foundation of low self-worth.

Business success will wobble on the foundations of low self-esteem, fears around visibility & imposter syndrome.

Wealth cannot stay intact when beliefs based in lack run the show.

Health cannot stay fully vibrant when the body is fed toxic substances to numb insecurity & emotional discomfort.

Low self-worth, fear,  insecurity & the like – if left unchecked at core level – WILL undermine your dream!!

While we build our dreams ‘in the air’ we also need to upgrade the foundations at our core.

Hello Dream. Goodbye Sabotage.

This is where re-parenting the inner child comes in to its own!

None of us were born into a perfect world with ideal parenting. We all carry – to some degree – emotional scars & limiting programs about ourselves & the world – that no longer serve who we are today or what we want for ourselves going forward. 

This isn’t a blame game towards those that brought us up. 

We just want to create conditions that will support us with the dreams we have for ourselves now.

Hi – I’m Grace Heart.

I love to help ‘dream catchers’ to catch their dream out of the ‘air’ of imagination & anchor it into sound foundations that will support it to success.

I struggled for years with low self-worth & insecurity that undermined countless dreams of mine!

I was great at building my castles in the ‘air’ but if I did manage to anchor them – they soon crumbled before my eyes.

I understand the frustration of being caught up in cycles of sabotaging behaviours & of dealing with emotions that are hard to regulate.

I think I’d tried just about every one of the vast amounts of ‘fixing’ methods that are out there, when I stumbled upon working with my inner child.

I’m amazed at how profound the impact has been in changing my view of myself & of the world around me. And with what that is now supporting me to create & experience!

Big Heart Smiles to you!! (16)

If you struggle with a part of you that harbours the feelings of never being good enough, or can’t trust, is fearful or ashamed or caught in sabotaging behaviours that have been holding you back from the life you’d rather be experiencing – maybe its time to rescue, heal & transform this part of you – through a process of reparenting.

I believe that it’s not about repressing, crushing or pushing any part of you aside – as many modalities would have you do.

  Rather it’s about understanding, embracing & evolving ALL of what makes you uniquely YOU!

What if you were able to now freely move beyond those limiting barriers & finally grasp – & keep hold of – all that lights you up?


If you’d like to dream about YOUR OWN possibilities some more?

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