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5 Practices for CONSISTENT Manifesting Results


When we ask the Universe for something – it’s not necessarily the thing itself that we want – but rather the experience that it allows us to feel.

For example – if I want to manifest money – it’s because I want to feel relief from the stress I’ve been experiencing, due to not having any! I want to feel free to say yes to the things I want buy for myself..

So – it’s not the actual physical dollars themselves –

It’s the emotional experience that the money gives to us when we have it. That’s what we want!!

And our emotional feeling-sense is how we communicate with the Law of Attraction.

It’s this kind of communication that we need to be able to tap into & replicate – in order to be able to leverage the Law of Attraction – to get the results that we really are wanting.

If we can match the feeling-sense – or vibration – of the thing that we want – then more of that will be included to our experience – that’s what the Law of Attraction will pick up on & that’s how we get to have the results that we want.

Here are 5 practices for you.

Use them consistently to create the consistent results you want with your manifesting!

  1. Take the time to regularly tune inwards & read your state in the same way that the Law of Attraction is.

The Law of Attraction reads us somewhat like a scanning machine does – it’s constantly tuned into where we’re at – probably more so than we are!

A lot of the time – we move through life on autopilot – very unconscious about what’s going on inside of us at any given moment & because of that we create a problem for ourselves in our manifesting.

As we move through the day – we can be reacting in all sorts of different ways to the stimulus that’s going on outside of us – & – the Law of Attraction reads all these mixed messages that we’re unconsciously giving out!

But we don’t!

We just dismiss them while we hurry to get over to another part of our day!

And while we’re busy running throughout day – the Law of Attraction is bringing us the results of those mixed messages.

That’s why we get such varied hit & miss results!

While we’re not in touch with where we are in ourselves – the Law of Attraction is picking up anything that we’re going through & bringing more of it!

In this way we set ourselves up for disappointment!

Set regular times throughout your day to tune – in & check where you’re at!

  1. Be involved with your internal state throughout your day – build your awareness around how important every ‘now’ moment is for you.

The problem is that we don’t realise just how much power lies in our every ‘now’ moment.

In our every ‘now’ moment we’re literally creating our future!

We don’t realise that or the power we hold because of that!

  1. Make sure that you’re consistently lining your feeling-state/vibration up with the results that you’re wanting.

Our results depend on what’s going on inside of us & how well we can maintain that replicated state of being – the one where we already have what we want!

This sounds back to front but it’s just how it works – because of the way that the Law of Attraction operates.

How will it FEEL when you have what you’re wanting? FEEL that!

The manifesting process begins with the end!

Keep aligned to that end feeling/vibration.

  1. Notice when you get off track & shift yourself back.

If you get ‘off track’ – it’s ok!

Just don’t stay there!

Remind yourself of what you do want & pivot to that track!

  1. Rinse & repeat!! Practice all the above to make this your new ‘normal’

I call this consistent practice – ‘bolstering’ your Attraction Staying-power!

Is this something that you need to pay more attention to for yourself in order to shift your whole manifesting experience?

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