Meet Grace

Grace Heart is a ‘Vibration Breakthrough’ and Certified Law of Attraction Life coach.

She loves to help those wanting to manifest a life that lights up their soul!

She understands the struggle so many intentional manifestors experience with maintaining a ‘quality’ of vibration that’s needed for successfully materialising our dreams.

Not only do we contend with a highly distracting external world that can mess with our vibe quality but there are also internal factors at play too. 

Having herself – come from a lifelong struggle with chronic shyness, low self esteem and food addiction – Grace knows –  only too well – just how much – being blocked & stuck internally – also interferes with us living an aligned path, holding a quality vibration and to our manifesting journey in general.

She is living proof that there is a way to break through the blocks & the distractions – to radically transform your life & beyond!!

She brings ‘her special mix,’ that comes from years of experimenting with just about every self-help method out there, her training skills, all her accumulated knowledge, her personal experience, and her compassionate nature, to her ‘treasured’ tribe.

Grace’s mission is to help people to shine their light fully and up-level their personal vibration, to create a positive ripple effect that spreads out into the world, for the greater good of all!!

A Note for you! With love from Grace...

I’m so grateful and excited that you have come to Heart Smiles! I wanted to share a bit about my mission, so you can get to know me little bit as you consider – hopefully – working with me!

Our existence is something that cannot NOT create some kind of a ripple effect going out into the world.

We all impact the world simply by being here.

I feel that it’s my calling to light up the world and to raise its vibration.

I see that as being a mission that starts with me – and radiates from there.

So beginning with me – I do my best to live consciously about the way I show up in the world.

If I can fully shine my own light and hold a quality vibe – even before I do anything else here – just by my very existence – I’m already sending out a positive ripple effect, that organically impacts the world around me.

And my vision and mission from here – is to bring through all my accumulated knowledge, skills, life experiences and learnings – to help others to open themselves, to fully shine their own light and to up-level their own vibration – so that they too, are organically sending a positive ripple effect out – to whatever their life touches and impacts – thereby creating further ripple effects of light and up-levelled vibrations from there!

And on it goes – moving out further, ultimately creating a better world for us all!

So that’s my BIG vision!

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But of course, for now – it all starts from within – and with each of us!

I hope that you will help light up the world and raise its vibration with me!

As a ‘Vibration Break-through’ Life coach, I help people to leverage the Law of Attraction to successfully manifest the lives that they’re really wanting.  

Because everything is vibration…& its ripple effect – when people come to work with me – we focus in on up-levelling the state of their vibration – with the intention of building it into their greatest manifesting asset!!

So if that’s you and that’s why you’re here today and you’re wanting to find out more about up-levelling your vibe & breaking through barriers that sabotage its quality and what it’s manifesting for you – please reach out to me! 

Depending on where you’re at and how comfortable you are – the FREE resource ‘UP Your Vibe Audit Asset Journal’ – to work through on your own, is a fabulous place to prepare for building your vibe into your greatest asset.

See the pink button next column to download your copy!

Or you might want to come and talk to me personally, straight up – in which case you can book a FREE ‘Possibilities Dream-It’ session over zoom with me, to sample what your life will be like when your greatest asset is unstoppable!  And then you can decide from there where you want to go next!

See below for the booking button.

However you want to do this – I hope that one day our journeys will intersect and that we will get to meet one another face to face!

I’d LOVE to help  empower you, to help you feel good, to help you move ahead in your life and manifest your desires!

And have that organic and positive flow-on ripple effect that impacts those around you for the greater good!!

So – for now – a BIG Heart Smiles to you from me!