Reparenting the Inner Child - Laying a Fresh Foundation that WILL Support Your Dreams

Meet Grace

Grace Heart is a Certified Life coach.

She loves to help those wanting to create a life that lights up their soul!

She understands the struggle we face with being able to successfully reach this point when we have a highly distracting external world messing with our focus – along with internal factors that can block & sabotage our dreams. 

Having herself – come from a lifelong struggle with chronic shyness, low self esteem, anxiety & food addiction – Grace knows –  only too well – what its like to be blocked & stuck internally.

She is living proof that there is a way to break through the blocks & the distractions – to radically transform your life & beyond!!

She brings ‘her special mix,’ that comes from years of experimenting with just about every self-help method out there, her training skills, all her accumulated knowledge, her personal experience, & her compassionate & gentle nature, to help her ‘treasured’ clients.

Grace’s mission is to help people to free up their inner light so it can fully shine into a world that so needs light right now.