Reparenting the Inner Child - Laying a Fresh Foundation that WILL Support Your Dreams

Does it feel like you are stuck in the middle of a disempowering tug-of-war with an inner saboteur?

Is it holding you in an opposing vibration to your soul-aligned desires?

Has it been creating a negative ripple effect throughout your life?

Itu2019s been called a gremlin, shadow, enemy, ego or inner-child – that bossy overriding part of us that rises up and takes over – blocking our true and aligned path as well as our vibration and manifesting journey

Maybe it shows up as a repeating pattern of angry outbursts, chronic jealousy, anxiety, fear, procrastination, holding back, numbing-out, addictions, or some other repeating and disruptive behaviour u2013

Whatever it is, I’m guessing youu2019re probably:

  • u00a0 u00a0 sick and tired of the constant battle within
  • u00a0 u00a0 feeling defeated and unable to u201cget on top of itu201d
  • u00a0 u00a0 embarrassed and ashamed that it gets the better of you so often
  • u00a0 u00a0 frustratingly stuck
  • u00a0 u00a0 well and truly ready to boot that part of you out of your life!!

I know because not only have I seen it in my clients, but also in my own life. And I promise there is a way to put a stop this debilitating cycle AND transform your whole vibrational setpoint


Could any of these u20187 Sneaky and Commonly Made Mistakesu2019 be blocking your way to success???

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Self-sabotage is such a common human experience.

For us u2018intentional manifestorsu2019 it can be a double-whammy of frustration and disappointment because not only are you dealing with the u2018loseru2019 shame that goes with sabotaging yourself but on top of that is the shame attached with failing to successfully manifest your desires.

Even if youu2019re paralysed in procrastination or in the grip of addiction, I can help connect you to the breakthrough you long for.

My name is Margot Buchanan and I help people who are living at cross-purposes with their authentic path to understand and heal their conflicted inner parts so they can freely move forward as a unified and peaceful front – without the battle.

This sets off a beautiful, light-filled, soul-aligned ripple effect throughout their entire life u2026and beyond – for the greater good of all!

Big Heart Smiles to you!! (16)

What would it mean for you to have that inner tug of war turmoil replaced with internal order and flow?

What if you could finally unify and u2018upu2019 your vibration to match your soul-aligned desires?nn

How would it feel to create an amazing and positive ripple effect throughout your life and beyond?

If this is speaking hope to you, and you feel something stirring within your soul to take some action for yourself, then I invite you to book a FREE 30 min u2018Listening with Curiosity and Loveu2019 Session with me via zoom, where you will get to explore what’s been going on for you and simply u2018air stuff outu2019 with someone who is willing to really see and hear you.

u00a0If that feels good to you, just click below to find a time that suits you.

I look forward to seeing you then!!u00a0


Remember to download your copy of the booklet –

u2018Breaking Through Your Self-sabotageu2019 u2013 7 Sneaky and Commonly Made Mistakes That Could Be BLOCKING Your Way to Successu2019


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When you have your breakthrough and the inner struggle stops and you’re attracting superpowers have unjammed the manifesting fun begins!!

u00a0u2018Coz at the end of the day – it’s all about your vibration and its ripple effect isn’t it?!

As a Law of Attraction Life Coach I would LOVE to support you with all that is involved in your manifesting journey!

Welcome to Heart Smiles – feel free to explore this site and to connect with me if you would like to know more.

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Heart Smiles!

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