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Law of Attraction 101


The Law of Attraction is an ‘attraction’ or ‘inclusion’ phenomenon that’s going on all the time!!

We don’t see it – but we experience the effects of it in our everyday lives.

It’s a little bit like – how – in our physical world – we have & experience this thing called gravity – which we all know, is going on all the time.

Gravity is something that operates and governs everything on our earth.

And we all have to adapt to it – and work with it – we live by it – it governs us.

And we accept it – we can’t actually see it – but it is there – it’s operating all the time indiscriminately – in a way that’s predictable and always consistent.

And we have to be respectful and mindful of it in our everyday living.

If I have something in my hand and then decide that I want to put it down on the table -rather than just letting go of it from mid-air – I have to be mindful and gentle about the way I place that thing down – if I don’t want it to crash on the table – because of the fact that gravity is also operating along with my intention!

In the same way the Law of Attraction is there – operating all the time – even though we can’t see it – and we need to be mindful of it and work with it – if we don’t want it to have an opposite effect to what we want!

The Law of Attraction operates the same way for every single person on the earth – it does not discriminate.


It plays an unseen – but very huge role in everything we experience

We’re using the Law of Attraction all the time – whether we’re conscious of it or not.

The Law of Attraction states that: Whatever is broadcast out into the Universe, is joined by (or attracted to) energies that have an equal frequency/resonance/vibration.

The basis of everything in our Universe is energy!!

And all energies have a different and unique pattern of frequency/resonance/vibration.

Basically, the Law of Attraction is the organiser of energies.

It brings like energies together – much the same way we do when we fold our washing and sort it into piles of socks with socks, shirts with shirts, towels with towels – the Law of Attraction sorts ‘like energies’ with ‘like energies’.

The two things to remember about the way the Law of Attraction works is:

  • it puts like energies together – this is the only form of sorting it does.
  • it is only & always ‘inclusive’ – it cannot not exclude.

Our differing moods and ‘states of being’ carry different frequencies of energy – & depending on which mood or vibration is current for us – the Law of Attraction picks up on it and immediately begins to do what it does – gathers like energies and includes them to ours.

If I am feeling irritated – things will begin to manifest in my experience that further aggravate me – creating more of the same irritated energy.

But if I’m feeling happy – things will begin to manifest in my experience that add to my happy energy.

If I want to experience happiness in my life, I cannot attract that from an angry frequency – because angry & happy are two different energies that cannot coexist within the same frequency or space.

Instead – I would have to shift out of that angry mood – into a state of feeling happy – so that I’m now vibrating the energy that I want to experience more of.

That way the Law of Attraction can pick up these energy ‘signals’ & begin including more of the same energies & their experiences to me.

To summarise:

  • you choose your experience
  • your experience is based on what you are asking for.
  • you ask by using the ‘language’ of energy.
  • the Law of Attraction is like a genie and your vibration/mood is the command you give the genie.
  • remember that the Law of Attraction is ‘on’ – and always so!
  • you’re constantly creating something and attracting that to your experience – whether you mean to or not.
  • an angry mood or vibe cannot create and attract happy experiences.
  • happy energy can only create & manifest happy energy & experiences.
  • if you want to change your experience you have to change your vibe/mood into the energy-feeling of the experience what you want to have.
  • you need to be self-aware and mindful about what you’re creating & attracting.
  • you can use your ‘Attraction Superpower’ to deliberately to create a life that lights you up!!



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