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Reassurance, peace of mind & confidence for first-time parents through their baby's first year

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The build-up of excitement & anticipation for their arrival…

Such a precious moment when you finally get to meet your baby for the first time!!

…& now the adventure begins

…a magical time to savour

…that doesn’t come without its challenges!!

Perhaps you are someone who has had minimal or no exposure to babies!

Or are in a situation where you have little to no support network to ask advice from

Or maybe you have the opposite with too much well-meaning advice that leaves you nothing short of confused!!

Perhaps you have come into parenthood later in life – having felt in control in your career context & now finding it hard to adjust to days with little to no predictabilty.

And perhaps you’re feeling uncertain & doubting your ability to care for this little one who came with no instruction manual.

For both first-time parents & their baby this first year together is like sailing in uncharted waters.

While you’re all trying to get to know each other – you’re also in right in the middle of a constantly moving process that shifts with each stage of your baby’s growth & development.

Hi. I’m Grace Heart.

I’m a Mothercraft Nurse with MANY years (more than I’d like to admit!) of experience with helping first time parents to navigate their new role.

Whether it’s helping to decode baby’s cries, troubleshoot feeding issues or establishing healthy sleep routines – my support aims to empower parents – giving them knowledge & tools to build a strong sense of ‘I’ve got this’ to replace uncertainty.

When parents feel confident – it has a positive effect on their baby’s sense of security.

My approach & methods are based on having recognised how fundamental an infant’s sense of security is to their long-term emotional wellbeing & overall success in life  

I believe we need to lay this important foundation from the onset.

If you’re requiring support with navigating the ups & downs of this first year with your little one – I am currently offering 2 support packages which you can find more information about below.

I hope to meet you soon!

Grace 💜

Ways I can support you:

If your baby is 0 – 12 weeks – click below for information on my ‘Gentle Beginnings’ Support Package here

If your baby is 3 – 12 months – click below for information about my ‘Happy Journey’ Support Package.





Mothercrafting is a bit of a ‘yesteryear’ profession.

Back in the day it was reasonably  common for women to go to a Tresillian or Karitane home & stay there with their baby between hospital & going home, for the purpose of recovery & establishing feeding & routines for baby.

Or they would hire a mothercraft nurse to stay in their home to do the same.

Which is how I started out.

Mothercrafts – including myself – were not trained medically – but instead learnt all the practical side of caring for mothers & their babies.

I trained through Tresillian & also Karitane, both of which still support parents & babies. 

The training I received no longer exists in the same format.

So – sadly this profession will eventually phase out.

You can email me at

If it’s urgent – be sure to mark URGENT in the subject line. And put your phone number in your email.

Please remember that I may be with another client & will endevour to reply as soon as is possible.

If you feel you no longer require this service you will be refunded the full amount – up to 48 hours before the time you have scheduled.

Cancelling after this time (ie within the 48 hours prior to your scheduled visit) incurs a 30% cancellation fee.

In this case you will be refunded the full amount minus 30%.

Yes! All of the above – including Nurses Registration, ABN, current First Aide Certificate & I am up to date with my COVID shots. 😉